Only 10% of home buyers can picture the potential of a home. If you are hoping to sell a property that is vacant, you may find that buyers can have a hard time realizing the potential in a home that is empty. They may have difficulty seeing how their own furniture would fit in that empty space.

Buyers may also wonder about the purpose of an empty room. Is it a spare bedroom, or could it be used for an office or den? Defining the functionality of a space will gain the most prospective buyers. People buy a home that they become emotionally attached to in some way. Even if a home has good bones or beautiful architectural details, it is hard to feel a connection to an empty space.

After a visit to the property, your consultant will follow-up with a comprehensive proposal outlining the rooms we recommend staging. This includes a brief description of the plan for each room along with the cost of staging. With our unique inventory, we can furnish a few rooms or the entire property, including outdoor spaces.